Thursday, January 21, 2016

AS OF JANUARY 21, 2016 - Newest poster shown: 9 film festivals (and counting.) The newest ones  being Santa Barbara International Film Festival and The Geneva Film Festival.

Also a six time award winning documentary: two at Rhode Island, one at Chagrin, and two at Laguna!

Rhode Island International Film Festival, DocuWest Film Festival, DocUtah Film Festival, San Pedro International Film Festival, Chagrin Film Festival, Laguna Film Festival, Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, Santa Barbara Film Festival, Geneva Film Festival.

First Place: Rhode Island LGBTQ short and  the Alternative Spirit Award!

First Place: Chagrin Short Films

Best of the Fest Short Film, Best Documentary, and Audience Award Best Documentary at Laguna

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  1. Your documentary is accumulating impressive credits. It will be most helpful to many people.

    We watched --He-Who-Watches-TV watched it and I wandered in in time to get the flavor of and see the end-- Away from Her, based on a short story by Alice Munro. Fiction. I wondered if Ms. Munro experienced the loss of a spouse to Alzheimer's or if her work was based on research.

    It was a storybook movie. I was reminded of the woman who went to a workshop on taking care of Alzheimer's patients, only to be told in answer to her every question, "By that time they're in a home." There are no happy endings as in Away from Her.

    Your story on the other hand is inspirational for those who are looking for the best progression possible.


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