Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Miracle #9

Gregory seems to be hanging around a lot lately! Last night after a long read, I turned over to click off the light and noticed the clock read, "12:34." Another "nod, wink, hi" from Gregory. Another miracle as I call them!

This morning, the following Daily Word showed up on my computer. Very confirming of how up, happy, content I have been feeling while being able to miss Gregory at the same time!

Daily Word: Daily Inspiration From Unity
Live Your Dreams
Today I celebrate that my dreams are unfolding.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Deep within my heart, my intentions and my faith intertwine to reveal glorious possibilities. Despite any outer appearances of seeming lack or limitation, I remain firm in my faith to live my dreams. My intentions are powerful, and they contribute to a new vision for my life.
The thoughts I hold in mind shape the experiences of my day. In my quiet times, I draw upon divine ideas as the building blocks of my life. As I tap in to divine ideas, my life manifests new and positive outcomes. Moment by moment, my dreams are becoming reality.
I focus on the highest vision for my life. As I notice my goals and dreams coming into fruition in my outer life, I recognize that a spiritual awakening is also unfolding within me. I celebrate my dreams coming true!

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