Friday, February 5, 2016

Did You Have A Good Day?

Last night as I was going to sleep, I turned towards Gregory's remains in Grandma Carries Sewing Box and wished him a Good Night. I next offered, "Hope you had a good day."

This comment caused my next thought and a string of wonderings. When you are in the spirit plane do you have days and nights? Are you aware of time and its passage. Isn't every day a good day. Or at least different?

What is it like to not have a physical body about which to think, or worry, or dress, or shave, or take a dump? Does the spirit sit in a chair, or lie down, or just hover in the air. Or are you just part of the air?

Without the need to eat do you get hungry? Do you think about your favorite foods or yearn to once more taste? Do you yearn to hug and kiss me as much as I yearn to hug and kiss you?

Perhaps a way to look at it is: You are me and I am you, at least on your plane. I can only imagine. So if I am good to myself, if I enjoy and had a good day, if I laugh or enjoy a favorite hot dog; is that good enough for you?

If I am being good to myself, am I then being good to you and are we laughing together and enjoying the extra onions, easy on the mustard, holding each other in a loving embrace?

As my Intuitive America Martinez told me, Gregory, you and I are still breathing the same air, seeing the same things, feeling the same feelings but in your case only with love. You have no need to worry so perhaps I do not either?

Carrying on a non-physical relationship with an entity who is no longer of the earth is not easy but I still need to hold on to you and always will, Gregory my love, and personify you and imagine you and carry you with me in my soul, my mind, my heart.

Love never ends if it is true.

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