Wednesday, June 22, 2016

San Francisco Open Your Golden Gates

Probably won't post again till after July 4 when I'm back home. Had an amazingly wonderful time with my friend Pat in Portland. I bought so many souvenirs they wouldn't fit in my luggage so I mailed them home.  Will probably mail the San Francisco ones too.

San Francisco has proven to be such an experience of reawakening for me. It's been ± five years at least since I've been on any kind of a major vacation or been on an out of town adventure. I've been getting around easily on public transportation and also I am no longer an Uber virgin! The pervasive smell of pot is everywhere.

Staying with my cousin Les and his partner Irv in the Haight Ashbury neighborhood in their painted lady Victorian home. Very comfortable accommodations including my own sitting area, Jacuzzi bath in the marble bathroom, and fireplace to warm me on the chilled mornings. Feel very at home there and I'm sleeping well.

The first screening of our documentary played at the Roxy Theatre to a crowd of about 100 people and it was very well received. Since then a number of people have recognized me based on having seen the documentary. At the screening many kind words were received and many hugs given. Looking forward to tomorrow's screening at the Castro which if filledwill show to 1000 people.

 People in Chicago for the most part are friendly but here they are even friendlier. Sometimes it feels like everyone here is gay. And I've never seen so many older gays in one place! Entire city is decked out with rainbow flags in honor of the upcoming pride week  and the corner of Castro and market has permanently rainbowed crossing lines. This is here.

I will write more about my observations, experiences, and cathartic moments based on my being here and based on the films that I've been seeing is part of the festival.


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