Sunday, December 4, 2016

Death and Grief

I would have wanted to hold him forever.
I would have kissed his brow, his nose, his mouth always.
I would have done whatever I could to make him happy.
I would have given all that I had to keep him safe from fear.

But life doesn't run on wishes, hopes only help you hold on for the ride.
It comes and goes on its own schedule, sometimes getting derailed.
Always arriving, announced or unannounced, at the same station.
A station is called disappointment , sorrow, finally death and grief.

Yes some of the baggage is joy, and laughs, and dances in the dark.
At times, time does seem to stand still or hold on for a while longer.
The memories you hold can keep you on track with a smile and a tickle.
If you are lucky, you will not notice the stations passing so quickly.

In the end, you end up alone with sorrow,  joy, and some memories.
One of you had to go on ahead and often it is with pain and suffering.
Long goodbyes or short goodbyes can be just as painful as each other.
In your dance of loneliness, you take one last spin, and twirl, and dip.

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