Sunday, January 15, 2017

Entre Amigos

Entre Amigos, Among Friends, is a community center in San Pancho. It started out as a kitchen table endeavor, set up on the beach by a woman named Nicole, an American parent with two children. 

In the beginning; it provided art, educational activities, and tutoring to the children of San Pancho after school. Seven years later, it left its beach home and now exists in and around an old manufacturing plant owned by the state, abandoned many years earlier, and given to Enter Amigos and San Pancho in perpetuity.

Nicole followed her dream, at times seemingly insurmountable, and now Enter Amigos houses a library, computer lab, classrooms, education activities, several workshops, a kitchen/restaurant, a resale shop, a recycling center, various vocational training areas, and a gift shop which features items students make from the recycling. 

It now has a Board of Directors and many of the locals as well as Ex-Patriats support the good work it does. It helped set up a city wide recycling program, employees 35+ locals, and serves countless numbers of children and their educational needs as well as providing adult literacy support.

Entre Amigos (Among Friends)

Entrance Tree made from "DEMO" materials during renovation

Reception Area and Offices

Gift Shop

More Gift Shop

Even More Gift Shop

Resident Artists



Study Areas and Homework Help

 More Library

Even More Library

 Students who are part of the Scholarship Program

 Outside Work Areas and Shops

 Recycling Center and Workshops

 "Ten Years: Growing With Valor"

"Table Hockey or Foos Ball"

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