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Striking the Word Romantic - 2007

PV THOUGHTS: Striking the Word Romantic
Friday, March 30, 2007

I have always considered myself a ROMANTIC but I am striking the word ROMANTIC from my vocabulary, unless it REALLY IS ROMANTIC. I will consider the situation more closely before I make classifications.

On our recent trip to Mexico, I learned a few lessons about ROMANCE. Sometimes something ROMANTIC is more than meets they eye.

At times, behind ROMANCE you are seeing hard work, burden, struggle, sadness, poverty, the heaviness of life.

Something that seems ROMANTIC may be the most a person can accomplish, the best they can do, can be the result of ignorance, oppression, prejudice.

ROMANCE can be had in unclean, unhealthy, unsanitary conditions. In uncomfortable, unsafe places.

So my advice to myself ... consider what is behind ROMANTIC before you label ... and also be aware of QUAINT, CHARMING, PICTURESQUE, CUTE, etc!

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