Friday, January 20, 2017

Hot Off The Back of a Truck

One of the unique occurrences in the small Mexican Pueblo of San Pancho is hearing a recorded or amplified recording advertising what is being sold off the back of a truck at it slowly drives around town stopping for customers: fruit and vegetables, furniture, shrimp, mattresses, coconuts, watermelon, propane, 5 gallon bottles of water, and more. The reason the items are hot is because in San Pancho it is 88 degrees and sunny every day.

Another thing you hear prowling the streets on the back of a truck or car are announcements for upcoming event, parties, or political tirades. Most often, at least to my ear, the announcements are incomprehensible. Now I am fluent in Spanish but for some reason when the Spanish is being translated into loud, sing song, static it is very hard to understand.

This post was motivated by a recent announcement heard drifting in from Calle Latin America which runs out front Jill and Lincoln's guest house, while I was sitting on the patio next to the pool,

I imagined it sounded something like this: "Pigeons. Pigeons. Fresh Pigeons. Hand fed, family raised pigeons. Get them while they're fresh to eat, to peck your children, to serve as a toy for your cat, bite their heads off just for fun. Pluck their feathers and use them to pick your teeth. Pick your teeth. Pigeons. Pigeons. Fresh Pigeons. Two for 350 pesos. Get them before they are gone or dead. Pigeons. Pigeons.

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