Sunday, January 1, 2017

Santa Sighting at 35,000 feet

I am writing this post from my room at LaQuinta Inn, Fort Worth, Texas where I am visiting family. Family consists of sister, brother-in-law, nephew Scott and his wife Jodi and son Ben (son Jerry is at school,) niece Lauren and her husband Steven and their son Brandon, niece Jackie and her daughters Jessie and Jennie, (son J.D. is in Israel.)  

I will be here for another day before I fly on to San Pancho, Mexico for three weeks to stay with friends Jill and Lincoln. 

Knowing that I would be in Mexico, with its 88 degrees and sunny every day weather, I took an early haircut to shorten my "Santa Look." But none-the-less, I received a "Santa Sighting" on the flight from Chicago to Fort Worth.

While flying at 35,000 feet, with the seatbelt light turned off, the cabin attendant, whose name is Laura, while passing a bag of snack mix, leaned over and said, "Do you know you look a lot like Santa Claus?"

My big smiled reply was, "What do you mean 'look like?'"

She got the idea, laughed, and gave me an extra bag of snacks.

Later in the flight I showed her this photo and she announced, "I knew it!!!"


  1. Ha! Awesome. Even Santa needs a break after the rush of the holidays. But for all the work you do, only one extra packet of snacks?!! Not enough gratitude in the world.



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