Sunday, March 26, 2017


Yesterday I attended a play in Boys Town. Before the play I had dinner at a Thai restaurant in the neighborhood. As I was waiting for my dinner, a woman stopped at the window near my table and peered into the restaurant for a few minutes. She was somewhat disheveled, dressed in many layers, had two worn shopping bags, and appeared to be a little "off."

She came in and requested a table for one. She looked at the menu for a while and then got up and came over to my table. "Can you buy me something to eat?" she asked.

"Of course," I replied. "I would be happy to do that." She smiled at me and returned to her table.

After she ordered a noodle dish and three egg rolls, I went over to her table and gave her $20.00 saying, "Enjoy."

"Thank you very much," she countered.

The uncanny thing about this occurrence is that from the moment I saw this woman heading towards the window of the restaurant, the scene played out in my head before any of it happened and I had already decided that I would buy her dinner.

Yes, there is magic and compassion available to all of us!


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