Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Life is a Sentence


Well, my BUB (Back Up Brain) Peter and I are home from Taiwan, Kyoto and Osaka, via Tokyo and Sydney. 

We are both feeling very tired, but also very emotional, as every time we hang out with other people facing dementia, we feel like we are family. I feel a little lost just now, without them. With or without our differences of opinions, we are all facing the same 'life sentence'. We quite like it in the 'cocoon of love and unique understanding' that being with others facing dementia brings.

Those of us diagnosed know we are changing and deteriorating. Those who love and support us, are somehow managing to keep it all together for us. They face stress, physical and emotional health issues, that I have no doubt, they rarely share with us, as they don't want us to worry about them. After all, we are diagnosed with a dementia. But we must think about them, and if we have YOD, we must think about how to better support our children and elderly parents. The stigma for them (I suspect) is actually worse than it is for us. 

Thank you to everyone who supported us so generously and with such incredible hospitably in Japan (and Taiwan). We also will miss you, and your love and friendship. We made many new friends, and connected with many old friends, and wished the flights were not as long, and much less expensive so we could ALL do it more often!

We love you ALL.


Wow. Words so beautifully and well chosen! And in general, life is a "sentence" for all of us! Maybe a jail sentence but I would rather look at it like a language sentence! A little harder to read aloud for some or at least different. But the comment shows that we all need to be kind, accepting, and loving of one another. We never know who has how much "difficulty reading their sentence!"

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