Monday, May 1, 2017

The Empty You

There is no reason trying to understand
Because there is no understanding.
There is no reason trying to explain
Because there is no explaining.
There is no reason to lament
Because there is nothing worth lamenting

There is no reason to hold on to things
Because there is nothing on which to hold.
There is no reason to worry about things
Because there is nothing about which to worry.
Everything will happen as it is supposed to
In its own time and in its own way.

There is only reason to wonder
Because all of life is a wonder!
There is only reason to marvel
Because merely being alive is magical.
Be whole with your experiences.
Be authentic in your actions and your thoughts.

In many ways the detail of our life is emptiness
Until it gets filled with our thoughts and experiences.
Which are not always what they seem or should be
Which may or may not be real or true or honest.
Let your emotions be your guide, your barometer
To help you judge where you are and who you are.

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