Monday, August 21, 2017

Change: A Poem

To LIVE …  is to change.

You are a different person today 
Then you were when you went to sleep last night.

You will be a different person when you go to bed tonight
Then you were when you woke up this morning.

These differences, at the basic level, 
are due to sloughing off cells and growing new ones.

These differences are also based on your experiences
as an individual and with those around you.

These differences are because of what you did today, 
what you saw today, what you heard today, what you said today.

These changes are what make life interesting and vital
and in turn, make your days interesting and vital.

My wish for you … 
make sure that you change 
with the changes you will encounter.

My wish for you … 
see the lessons these changes teach you 
and the growth you encounter because of these changes.

My wish for you … 
make sure that you continue to grow and change,
and experience and become.

And my wish for you 
… spend everyday and enjoy everyday
like tomorrow may never arrive!

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