Friday, October 13, 2017


Even though they are four years old (July 4 and August 1) I call them "my kitties." They also have a number of other nicknames.

Emma is pictured at the top of the photograph. Gigi, is pictured at the bottom of the photograph.

One of Emma's nicknames is "Brick." She weighs close to 20 lbs.

I also call her the "Upside Down Kitty." When she is on her blanket at the end of the bed and I am sitting on the bench across, I talk to her. She responds by turning herself upside down to "look cute."

"Dog," follows me around wherever in the condo I go.

"Hunter," plays with her mouse and screams to show off to me and to announce that she has caught prey. The mouse is really a red, aluminum foil, and blue puffball. Even with the puffball filling her mouth, her screaming is so loud that people with whom I am on the phone ask what the problem is.

Emma is rough and ready and can be a holy terror.

Gigi, on the other hand, is delicate and tentative but also can be a holy terror.

I call her "Lover" because she is gentle and sweet and really settles in when getting pet.

She is also known as "Sister" because she hides so well, and so often, in the condo that I cannot find her. I have to ask Emma, "Where is your sister?"

I call her "Girlfriend." When I am napping or going to sleep at night, she walks up my leg, side, and shoulder; dismounts at my head, and settles into the little nest between my pillow and the nightstand. I say, "Hi, Girlfriend!"

Then she turns around a few times and finally settles down with my taking her back paws in my hand. She lowers her head onto my other hand. Holding hands with my Girlfriend.

Sometimes if I fall asleep before she arrives, I awake to find her in the usual position "holding my hand."

Finally, Gigi is called "Princess." She is very proper, carries herself around the condo with a regal gate, never hurries or rushes. When I offer "treats," which are served in little plates on the bathroom vanity, Emma arrives and has almost completed hers when Gigi saunders into the bathroom and gracefully hops up to have hers.

Kitties, cats, are amazing creatures. As close to a "wild animal" as you can have in your home; they are intelligent, loving, and misbehave when they think they can get away with it.

They always greet me at the door when I arrive home, snuggle up on the sofa or in bed and watch TV with me, talk to me non-stop when they want or need something, take their toys out of the basket in the hall when they want to play, at times entertain themselves for hours and at other times demand your attention, love to sleep most of the day, and never clean up after themselves!


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