Tuesday, October 17, 2017


There has been a practice going around on most social media where people are "outing" themselves as having experienced sexual abuse/assault! 

I felt the need to join in to show support to everyone who has experienced it too. Not to diminish rape and other forms of sexual abuse against women, I am pleased it has moved to "people" who have been abused ... but that makes it even sadder (and more frightening) as we begin to understand the scope of the problem.

Whether sexual, physical, or verbal abuse/assault; whether threatened or realized; whether children, teens, or adults; whether men or women; whether individuals or groups; whether towns, cities, or nations - perhaps we have begun to dig down to the roots one of the major problems the world faces today!

Why do people feel the need to hurt or bully others? Why do we need to tear down others to build up ourselves? Why do we feel the need or feel we have the right to take advantage of others? 

Perhaps this current amount of attention will help more of us to carry at a mindful level our ability to respect ourselves first, which will allow us to respect others as well. 

I wonder if it will help to realize that even "abuse" functions on a continuum. None of it acceptable but at one extreme an internal signal to be a better person and at the other extreme a form of mental illness which desperately needs our attention?

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