Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Twas the Night Before Thanks Giving

Those Santa Sightings have begun in earnest! Today a gentleman selling "Streetwise" (a magazine to give people confronting homelessness a way to earn a  small living) was selling his "schtick," as well as a copy of Streetwise, to all passers-by.

Even when I do not plan on buying a Streetwise magazine, I acknowledge the vendor with a, "How ya doin'" Sometimes the greeting is more important to them than the $2.00 purchase (of which they keep $1.50)

I do the same for beggars on the street (not comparing them to these Streetwise salesmen trying to be productive.) A few of the beggars will continue pleading but most of them, most often, thank me for my question and answer in fairly intelligent ways.

Back to Santa Sightings. As I approached the Streetwise Vendor in Trader Joe's parking lot to make a contribution, he laughed a "hoot" and said, "Oh my, oh my. Santa. I got an early visit from Santa. Good thing I've been good."

I gave him a $5.00 and told him to keep the magazine as I had already read the issue. He was quite pleased and gave me a "God Bless You Santa." After a pause, he added, "I guess God already has!"

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