Tuesday, January 30, 2018

On Vacation in San Pancho, Mexico

After a lovely five days with family in Fort Worth TX, I am now in San Pancho for one month.

At first I was a little anxious about being here for a month without a usual routine, without my usual surroundings, and with no need whatsoever to check the calendar for anything! But the anxiety has quickly passed.

By now, my second full day I am settled in at the guest house, Casita Cielo Azul (Little House of the Blue Sky.) I am not fully unpacked but will get to it "manaña."

I arrived at the Puerto Villarta airport on Sunday afternoon, and walking what seemed like miles within the secure area towards and then through Immigration and then Customs and finally through a sea of taxi drivers and currency exchange agents, I exited the airport.

Rolling my two suitcases over to the OXXO (7/11 Connivence Store) I met Chris, Casita Cielo Azul's technology person and odd job runner. We stopped at the MEGA, a regular grocery store but the size of a COSTCO, to provision myself for the next week or so.

Sunday night we sat at the beach with Jill and Lincoln (owners of the guesthouse and friends from Evanston,) Tiina and Vincent (people, now friends, who were here last year at the same time I was, and a few of Jill and Lincoln's friends.

It was fun sitting at an umbrellaed table not far from the shore, chatting and Margarita-ing and watching the sun set. We ordered dinner after while and I ordered the grilled shrimp and garlic which was served with a small salad and a mound of Mexican rice.

Monday was a low key, sleep in day. A very little unpacking. I had an hour massage with Angelika (cost: $30.00 U.S.) Walked around town a bit, came home for a nap, and went to dinner with the people mentioned earlier at a lovely roof top tapas place.

Tuesday is market day in San Pancho at the Plaza next to the Catholic Church. Up early, cup of coffee from Lincoln's coffee shop which is located on the street at the front of the guest house property then on to the plaza, a few blocks from the guest house, which was busy with shoppers sorting through typical Mexican souvenirs, beautiful jewelry by hippies from South America and Europe, local foods,  bread, organic and holistic products, clothing, and more.

I didn't purchase anything because I still have three Tuesday markets to go and wanted to pace myself. I did however translate and negotiate prices for Tiina and Vince. Tonight Vince and Tiina made Chili and I am looking forward to yet another delicious dinner.

To be continued ...

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