Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Whale Watching

This idea was taken from last night's dream. I awoke having "experienced" the situation comedy in my dream. This is the first time that I have been able to re-create a dream of this type in detail with a little added imagination after waking. 

Whale Watching
A Family Situation Comedy
The entire family lives in one, modest but large, four bedroom home in a small city just outside Chicago. The house is an older brick three stories. One bedroom is on the first level, the others on the second level and in the attic. Michael, the “Uncle” is visiting from New York City and camping out in the den. The parents live in a small “in-law’ apartment attached to the garage. The kitchen is large and there is a formal dining room.
The neighborhoods represent all racial and socio-economic level families with many mixed-race marriages. Strong LGBTQ presence. 
The small city consists of residential, business, and light factory and has a substantial downtown. There are brand name stores, privately owned shops, and restaurants which run from “chain” to very expensive. In the downtown area, there are hotels, a 16 screen theater, a legitimate theater, a library, a post office.
The public transportation is excellent and there is a commuter train. The police and fire protection are excellent. Crime is low but does exist. The school system is good and there are also a few private schools. It is home to a prestigious university and several smaller ones. Politics of most people in town is outspoken, Democratic.
• • •
Adolph Whales - Father - Has Early Stage Dementia/Alzheimer’s - 70
Adele Whales - Mother - 70 - Was an English Professor
Michael Whales - Brother - Gay -A retired teacher - 50
(Gregory Marie - Brother’s Husband - An architect. Now deceased, Alzheimer’s)
Pepper - Pet Collie

Bethany Whales/Branford - Sister - At Home Mother & successful writer - 45
Pete Branford - Sister’s Husband - Lawyer - 45
Go - Pet Poodle
Go Go II - Pet Poodle Puppy
Cindy Branford - Daughter - Divorced - 28
Barbara Delany - Daughter’s Wife - 28
Clarice Branford - Daughter - 12
Lindsey Branford - Daughter - 9

Pete Jr. Branford - Son - 20
Ginger - Older Pet Cat

Unusual, well-developed family dynamics. A very current and hip but at the same time old-fashioned, close-knit family that functions well. Each family member brings a unique perspective to the whole. All family members are outspoken with the exception of the two spouses who are somewhat overwhelmed by the family dynamics.

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