Monday, January 21, 2019

A Video About Truth

In her BLOG, my friend Kate says, "The short Vimeo I am posting below today was made by a friend and colleague in Scotland, which I found to be incredibly profound. For me, it spoke mostly about truth. But it also speaks about lies and deception, and arrogance and the lack of scrutiny. As I have become what others often tell me – a rebel, disruptor, or a whistleblower, or simply someone willing to lose ‘friends’ by talking about topics many others are too afraid to speak up about, this short movie really spoke to my heart."

I have copied the e-mail and BLOG dialogues below to show the process of my thinking and how greatly moved I was by the video as well as Kate's and Peter's (video's creator's) responses.

• • •

This was what I shared with Kate via e-mail: 

The video was hard for me to follow but periodically a message delivered rang true. I came away from it, however, feeling hopeless to do anything at all for those I love(d) with Dementia. “Good will can cause as much damage as ill will if it is not enlightened.” But isn’t that true for all things in life? I did the best I could for Gregory but it was not always the best and I was not always at my best. Is it possible that DOING NOTHING would have been better? I am so sad with tears holding open my eyelids.

• • •

Kate responded

I’m so sorry dear Michael… this is witness to how differently we all interpret things. Try not to cry. You did YOUR BEST for your beloved Gregory. In reality, we are ALL DOING OUR BEST, each and every day. Yes, even if it’s not good enough for others. Love you forever my dear friend 
• • •
Next, I sent this to Kate: 
Watched the video again. It feels so heavy with Truth and so dark with Life. I believe that most of the Truth was not uplifting but for one quote, “If organic theory overlooks human freedom, organic practice must suppress it!"

• • •

Kate's Response:

Wow! What a different response! We are such interesting and complex beings. Perhaps because I am quite a close friend of Peter, I understand or receive it differently?

He was a psychiatrist for 25 years and retired last year being too disturbed by his industry (and his Scottish government) and the way they ‘treat’ people with mental illness and dementia.

You’d actually love meeting him; he’s also a poet like us, and such a sweet gentle soul.

• • •

My response:

Thank you Dear Kate. I wish I could make it better for you, for me, for all of us who suffer. And it is not Dementia from which we suffer, it is Life!
Always, Michael

• • •

Peter, the video's creator, responded thusly: 

Dear Mr. Horvich, I am so sorry that this film left you tearful. I have no doubt that you, alongside the medical community did the best for Gregory. I see goodwill and kindness everywhere. This film was about wider, general principles sharing philosophical and artistic thoughts. 

Thank you, Kate, for writing about my film with such beautiful thoughts. You are a wonderful person Kate. My main reason for making this film is my worry that ethics may not always be at the beating heart of science.

aye Peter x, Scotland.

• • •

My comments which followed:

Thanks, Kate and Peter for the continued conversation. The video continues to “haunt” me as I continue trying to understand why it has affected me so deeply.

My further thoughts are that it so accurately portrays the state not only of the medical and psychology professions but also the belief/thought processing of all sentient beings.

For me, it shows reality in a real way, not an imagined one. It shows the difficult work we have, those who “see,” ahead of us to change the paradigms that control so much of our thinking and therefore our lives and our reactions to it.

I believe now that it saddened me in that it uncovered how much I too have been “convinced” inaccurately (inappropriately?) in my thinking. It frightens me in how vulnerable I am feeling right now about how to make changes in my thinking and actions (let alone, as you say, influencing the wider, general principles in medical, philosophical and artistic thoughts.

Finally, Peter, the way in which your video presented the issues and cut into my thinking was as amazingly sharp as a scalpel to the mind.

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