Monday, January 21, 2019

Full Red Wolf Moon Eclipse and Ragdale

Great photos by my friend Jerome Boom. I knew I could rely on him to watch the eclipse for me. 

Turns out I was “serving time” for my residency at Ragdale Artists' Community located on the former country estate of architect Howard Van Doren Shaw in Lake Forest many years ago (2010) when the Full Red Wolf Moon occurred. 

I wrote a poem about it:

The Museum of Michael’s Mind
Poetry: Wolf Moon

As I lie in bed tossing and turning
The ideas of the day, 
The moon floods my pillow,
And sleep evades me.  

Largest of the year and full,
The cheese man smiles,
On his bronco, the cowboy bucks,
A young girl’s hair flows.

In my Ragdale bedroom,
A round window hole is punched through the wall.
Barnhouse red on the outside,
Playhouse blue inside.

The double circle of glass inserted
Is slightly cracked, although not broken,
And even with its center gently misted,
The window to my world is not clouded.

The walls and floors pulse with the creativity,
Of the artists who have worked here before,
And the Spirits and Family of the Past
Take delight in what we now do.

I process the day and its events unfolded,
Set goals and desires for tomorrow.
I wonder at the wonder of being here,
And turn over to avoid Moon Burn.

Ragdale Barn Play House Bedroom Window by day

The Barn at Ragdale

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