Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Inspired by a Film About Truth: Continued

If you have been following this conversation between Kate Swaffer (Australia) and Peter Bridge (Scottland) and me, regarding "Inspired by a Film about Truth" (opens in a new window) here are two more installments:

• • •

    Dear Michael,
    What a kind man you are and your thoughts are so valuable to me. Thank you.
    The backdrop to ASTROV is that I worry that we may be over-medicalizing the world and as such harm is caused. I am concerned that as a result, those who most need medical care and support may not get what they need as resources and services are spread too thin. 
    I support science with a passion, but in its true sense, it needs to be science for itself – not as a business opportunity or a place to progress status and ego. I fear that too much of these “interests” are at play in science.
    Kindest wishes Peter
    Bridge of Allan, Scotland.
    Dear Peter, Thank you for responding to Michael. It’s an important conversation. I especially resonated with your last para: “I support science with a passion, but in its true sense it needs to be science for itself – not as a business opportunity or a place to progress status and ego. I fear that too much of these “interests” are at play in science.” I fear the same …

Hope these comments are arriving in sequential order so our "train of thought" is in order:-) I agree with you, Peter. It seems like so many of the world's problems right now, including our understanding of and dealing with Dementia/Alzheimer's, are due to on greed, status, and ego ... rather than that elusive idea called TRUTH! 

• • •

Also, regarding "medicalization," here is a quote from my presentation on "Living Well With Alzheimer's," which I have made a number of times for various groups and organizations:

"The DOCTORS were able to rule out what WAS NOT GOING ON, but being a progressive, incurable disease, what can they really do during those early stages except to confirm my existing observations?

They were able to prescribe drugs like Aricept and Named, which are pro-purported to slow down the disease, but honestly, how does one measure this and against what baseline?

I knew that what Gregory and I were experiencing was due to a MEDICAL CONDITION and the changes taking place in his brain were affecting all parts of his existence. 

Rather than dealing with the Alzheimer’s in terms of its MEDICAL IMPLICATIONS, I worked very hard at CREATING A NEW SENSE OF FAMILY and HOME for Gregory and me. We modified our life, our home, and our relationship … to fit Gregory’s changing needs.

Sometimes the modifications became an ongoing event, with my having to become more and more creative in helping to provide for and nurture Gregory in all ways environmental, safety, physical, medical, mental, emotional, and social.

The MEDICALIZATION of our situation would not and did not help us to live the best we could!

• • •

Thank you so much, Peter and Kate, for this continued conversation which is allowing the continued changing of my thinking as so many others.

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