Sunday, August 25, 2019

Gregory's Place

There is a little plot of unused land about a block from the condo as you walk west on Davis Street. I had this idea about creating a little memorial park but since I do not own the land, will probably not follow through with it:

A bench sits against each of the brick side walls of the little park's adjoining buildings. The park is no more than nine feet deep and twelve feet wide. The view at the back of the park is protected by a ten-foot wooden fence. To the west is a convenience store and to the east is a vintage vinyl record shop. It is located just a little way down from the METRA commuter entrance.

The ground of the park is covered with red-colored, finely shredded, cedar bark. In each corner, there is a square, common brick planter maybe two feet high, planted with Redbud Trees and surrounded with green ivy, some of which is trailing over the sides.

A plack on the east wall, near the sidewalk, says,
"In Memory of Gregory Maire, he loved his garden."

Another plack, on the west wall, says,
"Welcome to Gregory's Place. Sit, rest, and breathe awhile.
All we really have is our breath and that ends all too quickly."

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