Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Grief: Revisited ... and Revisited ... and

Poetry distills life into its essence,
As we come upon four years.
Since my dear Gregory left
I miss him more than ever.

The writing does not come as often,
Nor as expressive, articulate, or eloquent,
With fewer emotional roller coaster rides,
Taken unexpectedly with him or now without.

I continue to grow and change and expand
While he does not, except in my memories.
So it seems to get easier, but in reality,
It never will be OK or be better.

The circle of my life grows larger
New experiences, places, and people.
The circle of his death seemingly smaller
Remains as powerful as before, as ever.

I miss his touch, his smile, his smell,
I miss living my day to day with him,
My ups and downs, his shifts as well.
Someone with whom to share difficult times.

Laughter peeks it head out now and then,
But no where as much as it used to.
When joy gathers me in its arms
I am overwhelmed at the rare feeling.

The Roller Coaster ride has changed
But there are still ups and downs to weather.
So Gregory, Rest In Eternal Peace and
Michael, do your best to Live In Temporal Peace.


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