Tuesday, February 4, 2020

In Reality, We Are At War !

A vision came to me this morning that the United States of America has survived many wars but we may be facing, if not being in the middle of, a war that has the potential to destroy the republic, our democracy, and maybe our very existence.

Since leaving England, The United States of America has been at war every twenty to thirty years and sometimes more often.

My "vision" named itself ... the Second American Civil War! There are many causes that led to the First American Civil War and in many ways, the nation is at least as divided again. We just might already be involved in Civil War II. 

This time it is not the North vs the South, Slavery, Industry vs Farming, State's Rights, or Succession but rather a division presenting itself all across the geography of the entire nation and the nature of this "war" is a social, philosophical, political, ideological, intellectual one.

Our country is divided as it disagrees and often comes to fisticuffs over many mirrored issues: wealth vs poverty, educated vs ignorant, white vs black, haves vs have nots, fair vs unfair incarceration, freedom to bear arms vs mass shootings, health care vs illness, native-born vs immigrants, straight vs LGBTQ+, science vs religion, church vs state, religious vs non-religious beliefs, male vs female, entitlement vs rights, city vs rural vs farm, etc

But how will the Second American Civil War escalate and eventually end? Will American's take to wearing gray vs blue uniforms, will fighting erupt on every street corner, will family fight against family, will the red states or the blue state secede from the Union

It seems to me that the First American Civil War was about governance issues in a newly founded republic. It seems to me that the Second American Civil War is about PEOPLE vs PEOPLE: Black vs Brown vs White, conflicting ideologies, respect for one another, acceptance of different ways of life, divergence in beliefs, hostilities towards those who are different, poverty vs affluence, and anger. Maybe it all boils down to fear of the different

When I was young and studying history in school, the United States was referred to as a "Melting Pot," with many people from divergent backgrounds, belief systems, religions, and countries coming together to create one new nation.

When I was older and teaching young people history, the United States was referred to as a "Salad" or "Stew," made up of many different entities creating a new type of dish with each item able to retain its original identity yet contribute greatly to a new entity.

How would you describe our country today? I am usually not a negative person and am optimistic about most things, but this time I am worried!

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