Thursday, February 6, 2020

The Good Place

Just finished watching the last episode of season four of the TV series called "The Good Place." Here are some meaningful lessons shared.

The Good Place

Every human is little bit sad all the time because they know they are going to die. But that knowledge is what gives life meaning.

Look to the East for a spiritual answer to "What is Death?"

Picture a wave in the ocean. You can see it, measure it, its height, the way the sunlight refracts when it passes though and its there and you know what it is, a wave. Then it crashes on the shore and it is gone but the water is still there. The wave was just a different way for the water to be for a little while.

Once conception of death for a Buddhist, the wave returns to the ocean where it came from and where it is supposed to be. 

One doesn’t really know what is going to happen after you die. That is what makes it so special!  The true joy is in the mystery.

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