Saturday, April 4, 2020

The World Today

In its most basic terms, Enso is the Japanese word for ‘circle’ or ‘circular form’. Think of a regular circle. You could choose to see it as a representation of nothing (that is zero)
On the other hand, the circle could be a form that encompasses everything within it. Perhaps you see it as both. In a way, that is the epitome of a Zen state of mind, where nothing and everything exists. Form is void and void is form.
I wrote this to a friend on Facebook in response to his difficulties in facing the "world" every morning even though he has so much to be grateful for:
• • • • •
So beautifully and heartfully articulated. You could be accused of being too emotional or sentimental, but I believe that is your strength. You have the right to your tears, they are well earned during today's battles.
I do believe, and I'll mention his name, Mr. tRUMP has done us a service by making all the difficulties of the times so transparent. I believe that the destruction of America has been ongoing, we just have not been aware or have avoided awareness.
The good that also comes out of the (pre-COVID 19) is that maybe we have learned to not only listen but to hear, to empathize, and maybe to begin to change those negative ideas around us and behaviors that maybe even the "self" has not been aware of. 
In many ways we all want security, we want our stories to have happy middles and endings, we do not really want to acknowledge how ugly people and the world can get. By really seeing that, I believe we can begin to change. When we are blind to the reality around us, nothing changes, it just accumulates and multiplies.
Also, (with COVID 19) we are in the middle of a Buddhist lesson (for which we most likely have not yet established a strong practice) EVERYTHING CHANGES. Nothing stays the same. We are not the same people we were this morning, at the cell level and at the intellectual level (hopefully.) 
I believe for a long time now (maybe since the beginning of time) we have been lulled (or allowed ourselves to be lulled) into a false sense of security that it will all end happily. Maybe some of it will but for the most part, there will be happy and there will be sad, there will be joy and there will be sorrow, there will be life and there will be death.
This is one of the great lessons Gregory taught me as we traveled together on his journey through Alzheimer's. Life just is and is the total of all the details, wanted and not! 
Love you, John, Cry if you must, but don't forget to laugh. (You do list the things for which you are grateful in your wife and children, and that is good!)

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