Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Michael's Flea Circus

A new old time, greatest small idea has been itching in my head ... 

Michael's Flea Circus! 

I have been enthused with the idea of Flea Circuses for over thirty years and finally have begun producing one of my own.

The circus will have singing, dancing, and performing fleas; as well as slight of hand (magic,) and audience participation to entertain, enchant, and entice you!

Madam Midge and Madam Madge will walk the high wire carrying a carefully balanced, balance beam, Monsieur Marvin will jump off the high, high dive into a small pool of water. Monsieur Mervin will fly on the flying trapeze. 

The Flea Circus will also feature Strong Man Sam who will be shot from a cannon and Strong Woman Samantha who will carry a boulder across the center ring on her shoulder. 

Since this One Ring Circus is a small operation, the fleas will also double as grounds keepers, ticket takers, refreshment booth operators, and gift shop cashiers.

The price of admission will be one thin dime or a contribution of your choice to The Lieberman Center Memory Care Facility in Skokie, Illinois. 

Come one, come all! Ladies and Gentlement: Be Amazed, Be Amused, Be Astounded. Feel the Magic. Experience the Joy. Michael's Flea Circus, coming soon to a town near you!

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