Sunday, January 17, 2016

Miracles #10 and #11

Maybe I'll do it this way. I will tell you about the latest Miracle and list the previous ones below in case you missed one or two and want to go back to read about them.

Number 10 freaked me out, so I'll start with the easy one.

Miracle 11: Last night. Awoke to pee. Checked time. 3:33 again. My favorite magical number. Only the second time in my life! Goodnight Gregory.

Miracle 10: Happened shortly before bedtime. The cats were shut in the bedroom, I had already fixed and delivered their wet food, I had already put my glass of water by my side of the bed.

But I digress. Some day I'll post a photo of the contraption I have devised to keep my water (and bed sheets) safe! 

After I do not know how many times of having the rubber and metal coaster stick to the bottom of the glass, get picked up with the glass as I was about to take a drink, and fall off onto my toe before rolling under the bed, I decided to do something about it. 

I found, at at Crate and Barrel, a silicon coaster that fits snugly around the bottom of  the glass. They came in six assorted colors and I use my favorite color, the green one.

After having one of the other of the cats either drink from the glass with their paw and/or having knocked the glass over in a "jump for life" type move, I found a silicone food container top that by chance fits tightly on top of my the glass so if it is tipped, the water does not spill out!

That problem solved described I will now return to the post at hand, Miracle #10. Digression completed.

All ready for bed, right before turning out the lights in the front of the condo, I decided that I was peckish, also known as hungry. So I got out my tin of Graham Crackers to have a few while leaning on the counter in the kitchen.

Across from the counter is my highly technical, General Electric Profile Stove. The top is glass and cooks with magnetic resonance heat (for which I had to purchase all new pots and pans when we moved into the condo - but I digress.) 

The oven is technologically controlled by push buttons and it can heat, bake, broil on low or high, and convection (if I may use that as a verb) for one shelf of baking or multiple shelves.

I might mention here that the oven is so good that it can bake three trays of cookies; without having to shift, turn, or reverse; and the cookies come out perfectly done and even at all levels, front to back, side to side! Quite an accomplishment.

As I was munching my crackers, the stove began beeping. Remember I am and have been no where near it. When you set the oven to do something and do not finish by pressing the "START" it will remind you of your failure by beeping at you.

And you must press the buttons, brushing by them will do no good, and I had not pressed or brushed anyway!

So there I am, Graham Crackers and me, and the stove is beeping at me telling me as spelled out across the control panel window, "Press START to begin." Freaked me out. I hadn't pressed any buttons. 

I went over, immediately acknowledging Gregory's presence, imagining how difficult it must have been for him to gather enough universal strength from the other side to manipulate an earthly appliance, and to thank him for the "wink, nod, hi and yet another Miracle!"

Now you might say that it could have been a power surge. I would say why now and not ever in the last eight years? Or we could say that yes it was a power surge but one wrought by a spiritual entity? That is what I chose to believe! 

Also you could say it could have been any number of other spirits who might be following me around: like my mom or dad, or friends Marjorie or Marla, or any number of other entities who have died that I have attracted to my side but my best guess is that it was Gregory.

Remember my latest attitude: If I want to believe it is true, it is! And if you were here with me, and could attest to the truth in my retelling of the experience, you too would believe!

• • •

Here is a listing of all the miracles I have experienced, sent by Gregory since he passed on October 4, 2015. All open in a new window so you won't get lost.

I will update this post as new miracles take place.

• • •
1) The Kiss

2) The Candle

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4) The Meeting

5) The Bear

6) The Christmas Moon

7) The Threes (333)

8) 1, 2, 3, 4!

9) 1, 2, 3, 4! ... and a Daily Word


  1. Hmmm....I won't even conjecture what Gregory was begging you to "start."

    1. Maybe it was his continued support for me to "CONTINUE" but there was not a "continue" button on the stove. I think I am doing pretty much everything well including: keeping on keeping on, grieving, making change, moving forward, missing him!

    2. Yes. It was clear he wasn't signaling you to "cancel."

  2. It's probably easier to access the electronics on the stove than your cell phone. Have you been contemplating some new project that it may be time to START?

    Speaking of the stove, please tell us more about induction cooking on the stovetop. He-who-tries-Everything ordered off for a single burner induction cooktop a month or so ago without consulting with me. He didn't know special cookware was necessary. The only thing in our kitchen that may have worked was a Le Crueset pot that I've possessed for close to 40 years without using because it's heavy. He sent it back without trying it because of the cookware issue.

    When we went to Sam's Club last week, they had a set that included 2 pots and a fry pan. We didn't buy it. My position has been that we haven't ROOM for it. I could make room if there was good reason. I really like my induction tea kettle.

    1. I have so many projects going and to be started that I will probably not complete them in a life time, including: my book "GYROSCOPE: An Alzheimer's Love Story," promoting and appearing with the documentary you have read about, perfecting my "Flea Circus," opening a second museum of small things that would be a traveling art installation, reactivating my crocheted bead necklace activities, taking TaiChi (which I just began today,) being a supernumerary again at The Lyric Opera of Chicago, and various other art forms including fiction, poetry, and lots of books to read which are sitting on my "TO READ" shelf!

      The only thing I know about induction stoves is that the pots and pans must be of good quality or the burner can melt them and they must be absolutely smooth on the bottom for best condition of the heat. Unlike old electric stoves, the elements heat instantly and cool down very quickly which makes for fewer boil overs! Good luck with HWTE!


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